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about me

hi there! my name is Marah Petre. I am a photographer, videographer, and content creator who is obsessed with capturing every amazing detail life has to offer.

whether you are entering your final chapter of high school, about to begin your happily ever after, have just welcomed a new life into your world, or anything in between... I want to be a part of it!

five years ago I saved every penny from my paychecks at the pizza shop I was working at to buy my own camera. I have been totally in love with taking photos and creating videos ever since. I recently relocated to Los Angeles, CA to continue to follow my dreams on a larger scale.


enough about me! if you're on this website, chances are you're amidst one of the best times of your life... and I'm here to make sure you remember it forever.

continue to browse through my website and look at my portfolio. if you have any questions, don't be shy!

I hope to meet you very soon!



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