Gas Stations


Growing up in a suburb outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I never had to think twice about entering a gas station. Every weekend before work I would stop into our local gas station and grab a donut and my friends and I would stop at gas stations regularly for soda and lemonade. Overall, they were extremely normal places to go to. This summer when I moved downtown into the city, my perspective on gas stations changed entirely. Milwaukee is extremely racially segregated. You can drive for two minutes in any direction and feel like you’re in an entirely different world. My parents never wanted me to go to gas stations alone at night, but when I would, I became fascinated with the variety of people and places each gas station had. For my portfolio, I wanted to capture different gas stations in Minneapolis. Each photo is taken at a different gas station, in different neighborhoods, with different aspects to the buildings. Gas stations are a part of everyday life for almost every American, and each place holds their own story, regardless of their locations in the world.

experimental photos and photograms

Media by Marah